On average, somewhere around 3.2 million people visit the Statue of Liberty each year, so we can gather from them a good idea of some of the important questions you might want to ask about Liberty Island and Lady Liberty herself. Here are some of those questions and answers:

I have my own boat. Can I dock at Liberty Island to visit?

NO! It is absolutely illegal for any private boat to dock at either Lady Liberty or Ellis Island.

What is there for kids to do on Liberty Island?

In addition to the tours and going inside the statue, kids (and their families) from ages 7-12 can also participate in the Junior Ranger Program while on Liberty Island.

Can you go inside the torch as well?

When the Statue of Liberty was first erected, yes, you could go into the arm and the torch, but that was closed off in 1916 after the Black Tom incident and has been closed to the public ever since. The Black Tom incident was an attack by German sabateurs on the US to stop munitions shipments to England during WWI. Lady Liberty sustained $100,000 in damages from the series of explosions that occurred.

How accessible is Liberty Island to the differently abled?

There is handicapped parking available near to ferry departure points for those with official placards, and the ticket counters for the ferries are also accessible. The NY departure point contains accessible restrooms in Castle Clinton National Monument and the NJ departure point has them as well at Liberty State Park. On the ferries, the main deck’s enclosed cabins do not require navigating any stairs, all areas above the main deck are accessed via stairs and ferry restrooms are not handicapped accessible. Service animals are welcome on Liberty Island (not regular pets). On Liberty Island, the Info Center, book store, gift store (with accessible restrooms), dining room and outdoor areas are all ADA compliant. Wheelchairs can access the Pedestal all the way to its top. The outdoor observation area and balcony of the Pedestal are not wheelchair accessible, nor is the statue itself.

Why does the torch seem newer than the rest of the statue?

Because it is! The original torch was modified many times over the years, including in 1916 when more than 200 glass panes were added. Unfortunately, they leaked over the years, causing corrosion inside that part of the statue. As a result, a new torch was added during the 1984-1986 restoration of the statue. It is also made of copper, but the flames are also covered in 24k gold leaf!

Why is Lady Liberty green?

This is what happens to copper when it is exposed to the elements. Originally it would have been about the same color of a penny.

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