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If you plan to visit the Statue of Liberty and New York City area for a day, a week, or even a month, its crucial that you put together a very detailed itinerary of what and when you are going do do. There are quite a bit of activities that are available and planning wisely will help you get the most out of your stay.

Lodging – The first thing you need to do when you plan your itinerary is to find a place to stay. When it comes to staying in the New York City area you can spend your nights in the exciting Midtown area,  the Village, the UpperWest side or on the Jersey side,  within a few miles of the city. It is very important that you book your stay well in advance. It’s recommended that…READ MORE

Dining – all that walking (getting up to the top of the statue of liberty, that is 377 stairs to climb) can get you quite an appetite. The only place to eat on the island is the Crown Cafe. Here you can get snack as well as a full meal. But for a better seat down meal with great views you will want to check out some of the higher-end restaurant in the battery park area. Start with the The Battery Gardens restaurant…READ MORE

Statue of Liberty tours – ok, now that you covered your basic survival needs, (Shelter and Food), its time to plan for some fun. Lets Begin with your trip to the statue of Liberty. To get to the Liberty Island, you need to take a ferry ride from Battery Park at Manhattan, or Liberty State Park at Jersey City. Tickets can either be purchased online, over the phone, or in person at the ferry departure points. Or you can try some of the more popular tours…READ MORE

Other Adventures – Hey! you are in the ‘Big Apple.’ The Statue of Liberty is a great place to start but there is so much more. So many picks Downtown, Midtown, and Uptown. See the list below of are top picks ‘Must See.’

  • Empire State Building Tours – If you visit NYC and not see the Empire State Building, did you really visit new york city?…READ MORE
  • World Trade Center/Freedom Tower – The Freedom Tower now stand where the World Trade Center once stood. One of the world’s largest financial complexes and a symbol of New York City…READ MORE
  • Central Park – Another Must see/do location is Central Park. So many wonderful options. You can simply walk through and enjoy the scenery (that’s free), rent a bike (very popular and inexpensive), or take some of the following tours…READ MORE

Last Minute Deals – We have gathered all the current discounts, coupons, and new deals available for all the New York City area adventures, Hotels, & Restaurants. Please Check out the Deal Page often as new offers get updated daily…READ MORE

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