While you are in New York City, on a limited time,  you must put together a great itinerary so you don’t miss out on visiting some of the most Iconic places. We put together a list of the ‘Must Do/Must See’.

Statue of Liberty – If you plan on a trip to the statue of liberty then consider the options below. You can get in on the action for under $30 or pamper yourself with a more luxuries trip that can cost closer to $500…READ MORE

Empire State Building – If you visit NYC and not see the Empire State Building, did you really visit new york city? The are four tours we recommend you consider...READ MORE

World Trade Center/Freedom Tower – The Freedom Tower now stand where the World Trade Center once stood. One of the world’s largest financial complexes and a symbol of New York City. This New York City walking tour takes you around Ground Zero to explore both the past and future of the World Trade Center…READ MORE

Central Park - Another Must see/do location is Central Park. So many wonderful options. You can simply walk through and enjoy the scenery (that’s free), rent a bike (very popular and inexpensive), or take some of the following tours…READ MORE

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